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Maintenance method of spray dryer

Thursday 21st September 2017

  The centrifugal nebulizer of the spray dryer requires smooth operation at high speeds, so it should be ensured that the flange surface of the aerator at the top of the tower should be kept horizontal and that the flange and the flange To prevent vibration, maintenance need special attention.

  1. Sprinkler selection of lubricating oil for high-speed mechanical oil.

  2. The atomizer should check whether the height of the lubricating oil is in the normal position of the cursors line.When the spray dryer is turned on, it should pay attention to whether the oil pump is normal and find that the oil pump is stopped immediately when the oil pump is not supplied.

  3. The origin of the work should be kept dry and clean, the user should be in the middle of the air supply and atomizer gas source control valve.

  4. In the course of the use of abnormal sound or violent vibration, if the situation should immediately stop to check the reasons until the normal before use.

  5. In order to extend the service life of the spray dryer, in the actual role should be used to rotate the two atomizer use. General atomizer in the use of a period of time should be removed after the parts clean. Light. There should be serious abrasions should be replaced parts. If the continuous use of a long time, can be equipped with water tank cooling has been extended to extend the service life.

  6. In the disassembly of the atomization plate and other parts should pay special attention, do not turn the spindle, fixed atomization disk must turn tight to prevent loosening off.

  Seven months to update the oil once, when the replacement of the atomization plate and shell, remove the bottom of the lower oil drain screw, until the old oil and then clean the raw material with the oil on the tape re-screw on the live On the new oil, be careful not to exceed or below the oil level line.