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Spray drying equipment development direction

Thursday 21st September 2017

  In recent years from domestic and foreign spray drying equipment development direction, mainly in the following trends:

  1. Several forms of heat transfer integrated application, so that in different stages of spray drying to play a variety of heat transfer form of the advantages of the equipment can be more reasonable.

  2. Large-scale development of equipment. Any production has the best economic scale, spray drying equipment, amplification technology to ensure the scale of production, so the large-scale equipment research is one of the future direction of development.

  3. Spray drying equipment specialization. Spray drying equipment is a non-standard equipment, which is well known, the reason why the non-standard equipment is mainly dealing with the material properties and product requirements vary widely, so there is a true design of spray drying equipment to play its role, From technology to economy have a certain significance.

  4. Development of multi-stage and combined spray drying system. Different types of spray drying equipment can be applied to different materials or materials can be applied to different spray drying stage, combined spray drying can maximize the spray drying process to make the spray drying system more reasonable.

  5. Multi-functional equipment. Now the spray drying equipment has not only limited to the spray drying operation, and sometimes will be crushed, graded, and even heating reaction set in a machine, greatly shorten the production process, the equipment was multi-functional.