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JRF Coal combustion Hot Air Furnace
JRF Coal combustion Hot Air Furnace
The furnace is the versatile hot air equipment.
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The furnace is the versatile hot air equipment. It is used with other equipment for drying various materials. The furnace is widely used for the heating and moisture removing for the grain, seed, feed, fruit, de-watering vegetable. mushroom, edible fungus, tremella, tea, tobacco leaf, other farming products, food, medicine, chemical raw material ,light and heavy industry products.


The furnace combines the combustion with the heat exchange, using the latest indirect heating technology that the heat exchange is taken place at the position of the high temperature in the furnace. The smoke and the air go into the different channels, without any pollution for the heating. The heat efficiency rate is high (up to 60-75%).The temperature increase is fast. The furnace is small in size, easy in the installation, reliable in the operation and low in the price (making a comparison with one ton boiler, the price of this system is only half price of the heating system for the boiler).


The furnace uses the high temperature resistant method so that its life is much longer than the life of the pipe arrangement hot air furnace. The furnace uses the smoke and air longitudinal splashing heat radiation sheets and the negative pressures smoke elimination mode. There is no dust collected on the heat exchange position. There is no need to carry out the cleaning. The heat feature is stable. Various coal and wood can be used as the fuel. The furnace is equipped with the air leading device and the combustion is complete. All the technical and economic indexes of the furnace have reached the advanced level at home.

Installation diagram



Technical paramenters

name\spec JRF-15 JRF-20 JRF-30 JRF-40 JRF-60 JRF-80 JRF-100
diametral of interior barrel 760 760 1170 1170 1470 1670 1870
diametral of exterior barrel 1280 1280 1840 1840 2200 2460 2700
total height 3500 3500 4260 4760 4810 5110 5310
total weight of equipment 3.15T 3.65T 6.8T 7.5T 9.8T 11.7T 13.5T
diameter of hot air outlet opening 300 300 500 500 500 600 600
height of hot air outlet opening 1585 1585 1670 1670 1670 1770 1770
diameter of flue outlet opening 250 250 250 250 250 300 320
height of flue outlet opening 2050 2050 2220 2220 2220 2385 2385
specification of angle head XZD/G φ578 XZD/G φ810
coal consumption per hour 43kg 57kg 85kg 115kg 170kg 230kg 286kg
combustion value of coal 5000kcal/h
heat efficiency 70-75% 75-80%
suction fan of flue Y5-47-3.15C-1.5KW Y5-48-4C-2.2KW Y5-48-4C-3KW Y5-47-4C-3KW Y5-47-4C-4KW Y5-47-5C-7.5KW



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